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Ely House


William Shakespeare

Peter Bridgman explores the connections between St Etheldreda’s and William Shakespeare. This pamphlet was written in 2004 and is re-published here with kind permission of the author. This pamphlet explores a number of links between the world’s greatest poet and an inconspicuous Catholic church hidden away behind Holborn Circus. If that statement sounds unlikely, the reader is urged to read on. Some of these links are to be found in the poet’s work, others are to be found in his life: specifically, in the poet’s often hidden connections to the persecuted Elizabethan Catholic community. If some of these links are less direct than others, all are intriguing, while most may be seen as significant clues to the inner life and beliefs of this very secret and guarded man

Cover Image: Engraving from a 1772 drawing of Ely House (including St Etheldreda's chapel) ©WikiWand

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