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Denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisees

Lawrence W. Ladd, 'Christ and the Pharisees', ca. 1880, watercolor and pencil on paper, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Bates and Isabel Lowry, 1986.70.6

3 Nov 2023

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings invite us to check on where is our heart in all we do! and that is when it comes to the most important, our worship of God. Pharisees are devout, firm, religious but heart far from God. In their community they had tendencies of legalistic mentality, religious formalism, moral rigour, the conviction of obtaining salvation by their good works. Above all, their image of God is stern and strict judge, incompatible with the God preached by Jesus. The Pharisees are not missing. They will never disappear because ‘a Pharisee’ is hidden in every disciple. When he re- emerges, he spreads his yeast of death, a yeast against each one must be on guard (Mt 16:6).

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