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Do You Imitate the Mind of Christ?

The Hundred Guilder Print (Dutch, ca. 1649)

21 Jun 2023

11th Sunday of OT Year A

The mission on which Jesus sends his twelve chosen disciples, is clearly an extension of his own ministry:

Go and proclaim the message: The kingdom of heaven is near. Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, cleanse the lepers, and drive out demons
Matthew 7-8

The demons and illnesses symbolise all that is opposed to human life—physical, mental, spiritual (Mt. 9:35). The authority that Jesus confers on the twelve is an authority, not over people, but over evil. The harvest is rich and the labourers are you imitate the mind of Christ?

Scene from Jesus of Nazareth ©ITC Films

Thought for the Week

Christians know by faith that all the delight of the Heavenly Father is in Jesus Christ His only-begotten Son; and that the delight of the only- begotten Son Jesus Christ is in the Faithful who form His kingdom. Chris-tians therefore can never err when they set for themselves the whole Church as the object of their affections, thoughts, desires, and actions. As to this, they know with certainty that it is the will of God that the Church shall become the great means by which His holy name is to be fully glorified (Blessed Antonio Rosmini).


Next Sunday: The Feast of St Etheldreda, we will be celebrating our Church’s Patronal Feast Day. This year is a very special anniversary, because it marks 1,350 years since St Etheldreda founded a monastery on the site of what is now Ely cathedral in 673 AD. We hope to celebrate the occasion in our newly opened courtyard (weather permitting). We also have a special guest - Dr Charles Moseley from Oxford University, whom we have invited to give a talk on his newly published book Etheldreda’s World that he wrote to mark this anniversary. The Parish has decided to provide food and wine for the event itself and will this year be issuing tickets to cover the cost. We ask for a minimum contribution of £15 per tick- et. Ticketholders will also be given to the opportunity to buy their own hardback copy of Etheldreda’s World, signed by Charles Moore, for just £5 (compared to the normal cover price of £12.99). We hope to see you all there!

We have invited the Spanish Ambassador, Mr José Pascual Marco Martínez and the Embassy’s Senior Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Mr José María Robles. The Spanish Ambassador has very kindly accepted our invitation to be with us on the feast day of our parish. It is an opportunity for us to revamp our historical link with Spanish Embassy and St. Etheldreda’s, Ely Place.

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