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Fishing for Souls

Fishing for Souls,
Painted by Adriaen van de Venne (1589-1662),
Painted in 1614,
Oil on canvas,
© Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

15 Jan 2024

Year: B(II). 3rd Sunday of the Year

I will make you into fishers of men

In today's Gospel reading, Jesus is asking all of us Christians to be fishers of people. In order to fish, we need to understand what equipment we need. We can't just go to sea hoping for the best. We need to be prepared. And we need to work together, also ecumenically. We will never catch large quantities of fish on our own. We need a boat, nets, a navigator, a fellow fisher, a sailor, etc… All these tools and instruments we can only find in prayer. Prayer is the only way to find God's guidance for all our fishing expeditions…

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