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Preparing the Way

St John the Baptist,
Sculpted by Jean-Baptiste Houdon (1741-1828),
Executed in 1808
Plaster Cast
© Galleria Borghese

8 Dec 2023

Second Sunday of Advent

Second Sunday of Advent

The Latin word “adventus” refers to the coming of Christ and brings to the fore God’s move towards humanity, to which each is called to respond with openness, expectation, seeking and attachment. And as God is sovereignly free in revealing and giving himself because he is motivated solely by love, so the human person is also free in giving his or her own, even dutiful, assent: God expects a response of love. God’s incarnation is an act of his everlasting love for each one of us. Do we feel loved? If not, it is time that we do something about it!

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