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The Parable of the Talents

Matthäus Merian the Elder (1593-1650)
'The Parable of the Talents', circa 1630
Copper etching

17 Nov 2023

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The liturgical year draws to a close, the long winter nights and the readings of these Sundays remind us of the end of times. The Parable of the Talents reminds us that it does not belong to us but belong to the master. We are called upon to live it fully and do business with it often taking a risk, using our imagination, taking initiatives, sometimes challenging our world, it’s attitudes and values. The talents we have received are life, faith and grace. We are called to be salt, light, yeast to make our world fertile that we can share the common good and live in peace and harmony. All the other things like war, injustice, inequality, disharmony and death come from sin and the evil one. Stay awake! Be attentive!

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