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The Temptation of Jesus

Christ in the Wilderness, Moretto da Brescia (Alessandro Bonvicino) Italian, 1515–20 ©THE MET

17 Feb 2024

First Sunday of Lent

The Temptation of Jesus

On Wednesday we began the season of Lent, a favourable time, inspired by the readings from holy scripture that speak of returning to God as something desirable and positive. Lent is a time to stop, to reflect, to review and to begin fresh in our efforts to follow and love God. Lent is also a time to remind us of our liberation from slavery to sin, which really means passing through trials to arrive on the heavenly Jerusalem, where we hope to enjoy God’s company forever. This Sunday is Jesus is in the desert Sunday. We find Jesus is victorious over the forces of evil that assailed him and angels looked after him. In our Lenten journey this year God will send his angels to guard and console us in moments of trails and temptations. Happy Lent.

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