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The True Vine

Rolf Kranz (CC BY-SA 4.0) ©Wikimedia Commons

5 Oct 2023

27th Sunday of the Year

The True Vine

Video content created and produced by David Boyle for Narrated by Fr. Patrick van der Vorst

The images of vines and vineyards loom large in the Scriptures. They feature in today’s readings. Jesus uses easily relatable parables which connect to his listeners lives. A lot of care and hard work went into the production of quality vines and vintage wine. Because vineyards and vines were so central to the everyday life of the Israelites, they are often used symbolically in Scripture to represent God’s relationship to Israel and its people. A fruitful vine was a symbol of Israel’s fidelity to God, while sour grapes were an indication of Israel’s infidelity (cf. Jer 2:21). God’s chosen people always journeyed between fidelity and infidelity in their pursuit of faith and love for God.

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