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Fr Antonio Rosmini

Rosminian Spirituality

Fr. Antonio Rosmini founded the Institute of Charity (Rosminian Fathers) in 1828. He was born in Roverto, north of Italy. It was under Austrian rule. He was a great philosopher, writer, educationalist, founder of two religious orders and above all an obedient and humble servant of the Church. More about the life and work of Antonio Rosmini is available on


Rosmini had a special love for England. He sent his first missionaries to England in 1835 immediately after the catholic worship was allowed in England. Fr. Luigi Gentili was one of the first missionaries arrived in England. He was a very charismatic and fervent in his faith. He converted many to the old faith. One of the prominent was William Lockhart in 1843.


The core of the Rosminian Spirituality and the purpose of the Institute of Charity is the sanctification of its members who, in response to the Gospel of Jesus, earnestly desire to do God’s Will in a life of love without limits. We live in community where we enjoy mutual support, the opportunity to grow in discipleship and the means to work more effectively for the kingdom of God. The Institute of Charity has a universal charity as its charism. This means, first of all, that the initial path for its members is the contemplative life, that is, a life dedicated entirely to purification from vices and sinful inclinations, acquisition of all Christian virtues, and closest possible union with God.


Anyone wishes to know and explore the spirituality and the charism of the Rosminian Fathers could contact on 01 509 81 3078. Rosminian Fathers had been serving at St. Etheldreda’s since 1874. 

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